DCL workshop 2011 - Overview

Of the five days (Aug. 21-25), the first (Aug. 21) is dedicated to two optional tutorials that are offered in parallel: Introduction to Detection, Localization and Classification (Mellinger, Roch, Nosal, Klinck) and Introduction to Density Estimation (Thomas, Marques, Harris).

The following three days (Aug. 22-24) will be dedicated to oral presentations, poster presentations, open discussion, and a roundtable discussion about emerging research needs and trends specific to detection, localization and classification. The last day (Aug. 25) will be dedicated to presentations specific to density estimation, the use of acoustic data to estimate population density.

Organizing committee

David K. Mellinger, Oregon State University (Committee chair)
Holger Klinck, Oregon State University (Detection)
Marie A. Roch, San Diego State University & Scripps (Classification)
Eva-Marie Nosal, University of Hawaii (Localization)
Jay Barlow, NOAA-South West Fisheries Science Center (Convener, Density Estimation)
Sara L. Heimlich, Oregon State University (logistics)

Location of workshop

The DCLDE Workshop will be held at the historic Timberline Lodge, an alpine hotel and Oregon landmark on Mt. Hood in the Cascade Range. Workshop participants can convene and collaborate at all hours, then take a break with the many outdoor recreation opportunities in the area. Timberline Lodge is about an hour from Portland.


Datasets of underwater recordings are available online to encourage researchers to work on common data, to focus on the same problems, to find original solutions, and to present and compare them at the workshop. A dataset for detection and classification research consisting of recordings containing both clicks and whistles is available as a series of downloads, one each for common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, spinner dolphin, and melon-headed whale. A separate dataset for localization is available as well. Datasets are available via MobySound.org under 5th workshop.

Important dates

18 Feb: Early registration opens
18 Apr.: Deadline for abstract submission and student funding requests
06 May: Notification of abstract status(accepted or declined)
22 Jun.: Early registration closes
22 Jul.: Last day to reserve DCLDE rooms at Timberline Lodge
20 Aug.: Early check-in for Timberline Lodge
21 Aug.: DCL and DE tutorials
22 Aug.: DCL workshop starts
24 Aug.: DCL workshop ends
25 Aug.: DE workshop

It is recommended that participants leave Timberline Lodge after the end of the DCLDE workshop on August 25, due to likely traffic issues on Aug. 26 caused by the Hood-to-Coast Race (a super-marathon) which begins at 6 AM. Timberline Lodge is the starting point and routes down the mountain will be affected all day.

Meals and lodging

Your meals during the conference are included in registration fees for the days you attend, from breakfast August 21 through lunch August 25, 2011. Lodging and transportation costs are not included in registration fees , though some funds will be available to defer costs for students. Timberline Lodge is holding a large block of lodging rooms on reserve for this workshop. A wide range of accommodations are available, from shared dormitory-style bunks to luxury mountain retreat rooms. Reservations are due by July 22, 2011. Rooms not reserved by this date will be released for sale to the general public. There are other lodging options on the mountain, but all are at least 8 km (5 mi) from Timberline Lodge and thus require a drive. Please see the Lodging and Transportation links. Timberline Lodge is also host to the famous Hood-to-Coast super-marathon. This year, the race begins at 6 AM on August 26 (the day after the workshop ends) with waves of runners/walkers leaving every 15 minutes through the day until 6:45 PM. All routes down the mountain will be affected, so it is strongly recommended that you check out of Timberline Lodge on Aug. 25 and leave the area that day.

A Google Group, DCLD2011, has also been set up for attendees to contact each other regarding sharing transportation and lodging:
Group name: DCLD2011
Group home page: http://groups.google.com/group/dclde2011Timber
Group email address dclde2011Timber@googlegroups.com
To include yourself as a member of this group, click here

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