DCL workshop 2011 - Presentations

The preliminary Abstract Book can be downloaded here

Presentations are invited on topics in detections, classification, localization, and density estimation. Both oral and poster presentations are welcome. Please send an abstract of your presentation as described below.

Oral: Oral presentations will be at least 15 minutes. Depending on the final total number of oral presentations, the allotted time may be longer. Presentations should be checked for problems on equipment on site in the meeting room well before the assigned time of presentation.

Poster: Posters should not exceed 90 cm in width and 120 cm in height. It is suggested to provide and distribute letter-size (or A4) paper prints of your posters. To be sure your posters are easily readable, even reduced to the page-size format, don't use a character size smaller than 24 point. As a general rule, check carefully that your poster is readable when printed on letter paper.


The preliminary Abstract Book can be downloaded here

Submissions sent to dcl[at]bioacoustics.us indicated a preferred workshop (DCL or DE) and presentation type (Oral, Poster, or Either). Abstracts were assigned to an oral presentation or poster session by the scientific committee.

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